Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dad is out of surgery

My dad just got out of surgery, he is doing very well. Giving the nurses crap, requesting whiskey in his IV, so his sense of humor is back! We are hoping he can go home Friday!

My dad said the procedure went well, and was not painful. He has a drain in, and all the abcess is being drained. They will culture and monitor the infection coming out of him.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My dad's surgery is scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Finally Some Good News!

This morning the doctor met with my dad and told him that he does indeed have an abcsess, and not a hemotoma. He said it is just caused by an infection. They need to drain it as soon as possible, so it does not rupture and cause a blood infection. They are still trying to figure out why his blood is not clotting, but they said the risk of not draining the abcess is higher then him bleeding out during the surgery. They are giving him blood transfusions today, and will do his surgery tomorrow.

We did get some completly awesome news!! The doctor said that all of my dad's tumors have shrunk! We so needed to hear that. Our minds were all going to the worse possible scenario!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A couple answers, but still not enough

I just got home from the hospital. The CT scan on my dad showed that he has either an abcess or a hemotoma in his abdomen. He will need surgery to drain it. The problem is that for some reason his blood is not clotting properly. They need to figure out why before they can do his surgery. And we won't know if it is an abcess, or a hemotoma until after the surgery. It's so frustrating!! Not to mention his doctor was in New London today, so he pretty much popped in on my dad and gave him all of 10 minutes of his time. And once again we do not know any results as far as if the cancer grew or stayed the same.

We are hoping that he can have his surgery on Wednesday. Originally they said tomorrow, but they nurse doesn't think they will have answers yet on why his blood is not clotting. My dad did not look good again today, and barely ate anything again. So it seems he takes one step forward, and two steps back.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


We still have no answers today. My dad's hemoglobin went up to 8.8, but they were hoping that it would have gone up more. His potassium levels are also low, so we don't know why that is happening. Everything has come back negative as far as the flu or infections. They said it may just be a virus, but we don't really think so. We don't really think any virus would impact his hemoglobin levels that much.

My dad's doctor will be back in tomorrow, which will be nice to have his treating doctor to talk too. They are moving up his catscan that he was suppose to have October 8th, to tomorrow. I am really really scared to hear the results. We are all just so scared. Especially since he has been doing so well up to this point. I just keep praying that it was some screwed up virus.

He ate some toast, sherbert, and a slice of pizza today. This is the most that he has ate in the last two week. That is a good sign that he is feeling better. He also had his sense of humor back today. Those poor nurses!! I think secretly they like it, but my dad sure gives them a hard time, and loves to flirt with them. I am glad that through all of this he has a sense of humor.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update on my dad

They originally thought he had pneomonia, but they don't think so anymore. The doctor thinks that what the radiologist was seeing was the cancer spot in my dad's lung. When they brought him into his room, he had a 103 fever. They checked his hemoglobin level, and it was down to 7.2. It was 9.2 (which is still very low) on Thursday. So they think he may have internal bleeding somewhere. The doctor said internal bleeding can cause a high fever. So they are giving him a blood transfusion, and will recheck his hemoglobin tomorrow. If it has not improved, they will do a catscan. They also did blood and urine cultures again, but they take 12 hours, so we will not know any more until tomorrow. I plan on going to the hospital in the morning, and will update my blog tomorrow night.

Hospital :o(

My dad is being admited into the hospital. He still had a fever this morning, and was just feeling awful. His urine output has greatly decreased. When my mom took him to the emergency room, his blood pressure was very low, and they heard something in his lungs - possible pnemonia, so they are going to admit him. I am happy they are admitting him, hopefully it will put him onto the road to recovery. I am also very, very scared. Please keep us in your prayers.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Dad

My dad's tests came back that he has a urinary tract infection. He needs to be particularly careful because he only has one functioning kidney. So he needs to push the fluids and continue the antibiotics, and hopefully he will feel better in a couple of days. Hopefully his white blood count will go down by next chemo day.

My dad

My dad has a fever today of 102, and is not feeling well at all. He threw up this morning, but he thinks that is maybe because he took his antibiotics on an empty stomach. They were told to call the doctor if he developed a fever of 100.7 or more. My mom called the doctor on call, and they told my mom to give him tylenol and to call back if he started to feel worse. We should find out this morning about his blood work, and what kind of infection he may have.

Please keep sending the prayers our way.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dad Update

My dad went in for his chemo today, and his white blood cell count was very high, which means he has an infection somewhere. They decided not to give him chemo today, but still gave him his iron transfusions. He had to have blood work done to test for a blood infection, a possible infection in his port, and they also did a urine culture on him. They also did a flu test on him. It is quite possible that he may just have a virus that is going around too.

My mom said my dad is very weak and very pale, and just not feeling well. They gave him an antibiotic. My mom also bought him some Ensure to drink, since he just does not want to eat or have any appetite.

I just ask you all to keep praying for him and us.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Nuk Fairy

The nuk fairy visited our house on Saturday morning and took all of McKenna's nuks. I told her for days how the fairy would come and take her nuks and deliver them to all the babies that needed nuks. I also told her she would be rewarded by getting a prize from the fairy.

We left the house and the fairy came, leaving a Dora coloring book and puzzle, and an Elmo book with a magna doodle on it. When we got home, she was very excited to find her prizes. Then it was nap time. She refused to take a nap at first without her nuk. Eventually she got so tired that she gave in. I thought getting her to sleep that night would be the hard part, but she actually fell right to sleep.

Yesterday she only asked for her nuk one time, and that was at bedtime. It feels great to have conquered the nuk! It was the thing I was dreading the most. Next milestone: potty training!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crappy People and Crappy Comments

Can you believe that there was a guy at a supper club the other night that said my dad had "the Patrick Swayze look"? What an ass!! My mom said he went on and on for a half an hour to my dad how he doesn't look good, and how he looks so sick. What is wrong with some people? Never in my right mind would I ever tell someone who is battling cancer that!! If anything I would over exert the truth and tell them how well they look. These comments understandably upset my mom. She was very teary eyed yesterday when talking about it. I wish I could have been there to put the guy in his place. I told my mom not to let it bother her, and dad does look good. He does look a little tired and skinny, but he is going through Chemo for goodness sakes! No one ever looks their best when going through chemo!

I love you dad. You look great, and keep on fighting the fight. Don't let crappy people get you down!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby O Update

I had my normal Friday appointment. Everything is well! Little baby O passed all the tests with flying colors. The baby now weighs about 4 pounds. I can't believe in 6 weeks from today I am going to have another baby! I guess I better start getting things ready and buying the stuff I need. We don't even have a name, although I think I may have found one that Jason is open to!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update On My Dad

My dad went in for his Chemo today and his hemoglobin was very low today, which means he is very anemic. They gave him a bag of iron in addition to his chemo and then an iron injection. He will have to have them for the next 4 weeks. This maybe explains why he has been so tired and has had no appetite lately. Maybe this will help him.

As long as the chemo is working, there will be no break in the treatment at all. So my dad is scheduled for chemo for the next 4 weeks again. On October 8, he will have another CT Scan, labs and chemo. Then the following week he will see the doc to go over the results again. Can I just say I am already dreading this??? I don't think I can bear to hear bad news.

My mom asked the doctor if they would want to go on a vacation in January and he is still getting chemo, could he skip a week. The doctor said no problem as long as he is feeling good.

My dad is such a trooper. He does not seem to get discouraged that he has to go every week. He truly handles it with grace, laughter, and dignity.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Torch Run Logo for Special Olympics

When my sister was still in school last year, one of her assignments was to create a logo for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. She designed the logo, and incorporated Nevaeh's initials on the front of the logo. She then had to present her logo to the group. She dedicated her whole presentation to Nevaeh, and told everyone how special she was, and what an impact she made on everyone is such a short amount of time.

My sister got a call Wednesday night that her logo was selected! So everyone that participates in this run in the State of Wisconsin will have a logo on it with Nevaeh's initials. I am so proud of my sister, and so honored that Nevaeh is being remembered in this way. My sister also won $125 for the design, which she said she will just donate back to the event. She is also going to try to get me a few of the shirts.

I am just so proud, touched and honored about this simple little tribute!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Goodbye Summer!

Well today is the last official day of summer. I am sad. I look forward all winter to the warm weather, cookouts, fresh vegetables and fruits, and being able to play outside. But this year I am also looking forward to the fall more then ever, for the arrival of our new baby.

We did a lot of fun things this summer: Bay Beach, the Zoo, swimming, fishing, and this past weekend we got to bring McKenna to the Shawano fair to see the animals. She had a permanent smile on her face!!

Yesterday we got to hang out at my parents house for lots of food and fun. It's a tradition every labor day weekend. The weather was so great!

Friday, September 4, 2009

McKenna and Puppy

McKenna likes to eat dog food and treats. She shares more then she should with our puppy, but right now he is her best friend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Mary

Today was Mary's burial and then a luncheon at Jack's house. I went to the luncheon, and it is weird to say, but I had the best time. There was more laughter then tears, and it was so much fun to reminice about Mary. I told my cousin Carrie that one thing I will always remember about her mom, is everytime I was over Mary would make coffee, and we would sit at the table and have a cup.

In the afternoon they did a balloon release for Mary. They got 40 pink balloons, and people wrote messages or memories on them. At the count of 3 - and to the words - "for Mary!" all 40 balloons were released into the sky above. It was beautiful. It was really cool because all of the balloons stuck together the whole time, until they were out of sight. They looked like they were making different shapes and symbols at times. I was very honored to be part of such a cool ceremony. They said they will do it every year on Mary's birthday.

Weekly Visits

I had my doctor appointment yesterday. Starting next Friday I will be going weekly. I will have non-stress tests, biophysical profiles, a growth ultrasound, and meet with my doctor, every week. My doctor is just being extra cautious with my history, as well as the blood screen for downs being a little off. I want to reassure everyone that everything is looking good with this baby, and it is healthy, these are just extra precautions. I am very thankful that my doctor is so awesome, and is extra careful. It makes me realize how much I disliked my last O.B.!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Dad's Trip to Madison

My Mom and Aunt Carol took my Dad to The Cancer Center today in Madison for a second opinion. My mom said the doctor was so awesome! She went through my dad's whole history from the first day of diagnosis. She feels that for now my dad is on the right drug. She said there are two clinical trials that my dad could also get into for experimental treatment. But she suggested that if my dad is feeling well on his current chemo, and the tumors are staying the same size or shrinking, he should continue on this path of treatment for now. When this drug stops working, there is the pill form of chemo he can go on, which tends to be more agressive. If that does not work, then he could get into the clincal trials. The bad thing about that is he would have to travel to Madison weekly to get the chemo. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it. For now I am just glad that there seems to be options for him. I am so thankful that he is feeling okay and still around. I am really looking forward to our annual Labor Day get together this Sunday.