Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This past weekend was Easter, and it brought back so many wonderful memories of growing up with my dad! My dad was the best Easter egg hider who ever lived! He would find the most perfectly clever spot to hide an egg - and when we would find them, we would laugh at his creativity.

He didn't hide plastic eggs either. He hid the real deal - the hard boiled eggs that we colored the day before. It's amazing to me that we never ended up with stinky rotten eggs in our house.

We begged my dad to hide Easter eggs long after we knew the Easter bunny didn't exist. I remember us being in high school and expecting him to hide the eggs for us. Ah - good times! It's the little things that I have come to appreciate so much about my dad any my childhood. I'm so thankful that my childhood and my dad is worth remembering.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I know it's been awhile since I wrote. I apologize! It's been crazy busy lately.

On March 26th I did the Relay for Life walk in Shawano. I raised $100 for the American Cancer Society. I would have liked to raise more, but I always feel bad asking people for money for these kinds of things!!

The walk went really good, and the girls had fun too. I actually broke down several times during the walk. The first time was during the survivor lap. I kept thinking - my dad should be here walking this lap. Then when they did the luminary ceremony, I really lost it. They kept saying that the luminary laps were a time to grieve, and a time to remember. I just bawled, and bawled. I was totally mentally drained when I got home. I know that I don't allow myself to break down it was a good thing.