Monday, May 7, 2012

Rest in Peace Grandpa

On Saturday, my Grandpa passed away. I am very sad, but yet very happy too. He has been wanting this for quite some time now. The last time I visited him, it was very painful. He was not himself. Very confused, and very angry. That was not my grandpa at all. My grandpa was always the kindest, most gentlest man I knew. The tears that I cried this past weekend were a mix of sad and happy tears. I am so happy he is with my dad again. That makes me feel so good. I am jealous in a way that he is up there hugging my dad again. I have so many fond memories of my grandparents growing up. We lived right next door to them until I was 9 years old. We would spend most of our summers with them while my parents worked. We would help them garden, make homemade saurekraut, and go to the farmer's market and sell their produce. The reason my dad was such a great guy was because he had great parents who raised them. My grandpa will remain in my heart forever. The world lost a truly wonderful man, but heaven gained an amazing angel.